What Makes Us Different

This website not only administrator’s website, but students can share their own question bank, tricks and tips with all other students registered on this website. This activity is made compulsory to all the students register on this website.
You can go through the papers set by the students on different topics and you will come to know how creative they are!
Paper on Venn Diagram by Darshan Tank


1) We have computerized classes in Pune. The softwares we are using are unique and designed in such a way that If students use it honestly, I can guaranty you that, the concept he / she learns, will remain in his memory throughout his / her life. We have developed a special audio based software to learn the MATHS TABLES.
2) We use to conduct regular tests
This the difference in Our website and other websites. Which makes us different from others.
Apart from studies we take care of their creativity. This year also we conducted Ganapati Murtikam.workshop.
Here are few of the photographs