Terms and Conditions

Nitin Bagade’s


Terms and conditions

Respected parents,

    1. You will have to register your child on this website. Only the completely filled form will be accepted. You must upload the form including student’s passport size photograph.
    2. Fees for 4th standard is Rs.2500/- (Two thousand five hundred rupees only) and Fees for 7th standard is Rs.3000/- (Three thousand rupees only) From June to March of the same academic year. (Note : For the student’s enrolling late will not be given any kind of concession in the fees, but we will provide them the complete course material.)
    3. You have to pay the fees by Demand draft of any nationalized bank drawn on the name of “NITIN VITTHAL BAGADE” payable at Pune.
    4. As soon as we received your correctly filled application form i.e. registration form enclosed with Bank number and DD number we consider that your fees is received and we release a login name and a password to you which is valid only for a week. In this period if your DD is not received we will hold your login till we receive the DD. Thus we request to send it by any
      renowned courier service or by speed post. As soon as we cashed the DD we will inform you about that through the mail.
    5. The course material, question papers, question papers with explanation etc. which is in the text form is in the PDF format and it is password protected you can see it can not print it.
    6. You can’t copy any audio or audiovisual files but you can access them on line as many time as you wish.
    7. Practice sessions in Visual Basic format are also date protected. You can copy them on you hard disk. You can not pass them on because we have their COPY RIGHT and is a serious offence.
    8. If you child have any difficulties he/she can mail us on nitinbagade@spardhapariksha.com we will solve them as early as possible.
    9. Once we received your DD we will never return it back.
    10. Please note that the password that is provided to you is only for one time. Its your duty to change the password as your wish and if you forgot that we will not provide you another password. Thus your subscription will be cancelled.
    11. This login name and password is valid from June till the end of March of the respective academic year.
    12. Please print and sign this and send its scanned copy by mail or printed copy by post.


(Nitin V. Bagade)

Place  : Kothrud, Pune

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